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Education + Certifications

University of San Francisco
Masters Degree Counseling Psychology
American College of Sports Medicine 


How did you get into training and why j+k?

Personal training allows me to be in tune with my passion for exercise and for helping others. I am also training to be a psychotherapist, and hope to one day integrate physical fitness into mental health treatment programs. I truly believe beyond its physical benefits, exercise can also improve mental health, relieving anxiety and reducing symptoms of depression. As for my decision to work at J+K, I really connected with the studio's personalized approach toward its clients as well as Jae's compassion for everyone who walks in the door. 

Where are you from and what brought you to the Bay Area?

I am originally from Memphis, TN and I came to the Bay Area, knowing that a place so unique and accepting like San Francisco would push me to learn more about myself, others, and the world. I also went to graduate school at the University of San Francisco, earning a degree in Counseling Psychology.











Growing up in Memphis came with its own ups and downs as the city dealt with economic hardship, crime and poverty.  I saw my own family try to stay afloat despite a decent income and endure through hard times. Yet my family always set the tone that we would always be okay. For me this was a life lesson that I carry with me always...that no matter what struggle, set back, or failure happens, hard work, a hopeful attitude, and the acceptance of things beyond our control can make one stronger.

I know you enjoy exercising.  What it is about powerlifting and lifting a lot of weights that resonates with you?

Exercise is my therapy - -  It is the the one time of the day when I can relieve stress, feel empowered, and be my own superhero. I've always loved to run but it wasn't until college when I discovered weightlifting. Dumbbells and barbells were intimidating to me at first but over time, they became a staple of my routines. Now my heart is in Olympic lifting. The feeling of pushing my body through a clean or snatch is exhilarating.




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Education + Certification

Western Washington University
Bachelor of Science  Kinesiology
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist  CSCS
Tacfit Instructor


How would you describe your training style and influences?

For me, working out at the studio is deeply connected to the world outside. I mainly trying to condition myself for real world situations and activities whether it's trail running, climbing, surfing, or skateboarding. When training clients, I try to keep workouts fun and interesting, incorporating a lot of full body movements that help improve power, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Whether it's hitting, throwing, and crawling, breakdancing, or swinging a sledgehammer, I try to encourage clients to hit their fitness goals by trying something different. 



Where are you originally from and how is it different than the bay area?

I’m originally from a small town just outside of Olympia, Washington where gyms and trainers weren't as commonplace as they are in San Francisco. For many of the blue collar workers in the Pacific NW, daily manual labor was their way of staying fit.  I found the opposite to hold true for many Bay area folks who work sedentary jobs in tech and finance. While these jobs might not be so "physical," they take a toll on the body, manifesting in musculoskeletal problems, poor cardiovascular health, decreased immune function, and general fatigue. My workouts try to combat these problems in creative ways.










I know you have a thirst for knowledge. What are you reading or listening to these days? ?

Often while I'm walking my dog, I might nerd out to a podcast or lecture series on my phone, covering subjects like human biology, ancient history, philosophy, or Spanish. You might find me buried in a fantasy book as well.  I also recently started taking graduate classes in Exercise Physiology, so whatever time I have left goes to updating my exercise knowledge bank. 


Anything in your past that has been relatable to training??

I grew up skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, so I never did any sort of conventional athletic training that would accompany team sports or competition. In my early 20’s I started running, rock climbing, and bicycle touring. Around the same time, I started volunteering with the Fire Department. While the first 3 activities didn’t require much training outside of just doing the activity, I wanted to look and act the part of a Firefighter, so I started doing traditional gym workouts: heavy weights, almost no cardio, and no weird looking body-movements—basically nothing of real use on the job, unless you plan on bench pressing a car. Unfortunately my efforts to gain muscle mass and superhuman upper body strength actually detracted from my other activities: big Pecs didn’t help me climb better, large forearms didn’t make me run faster, and huge biceps could never help me pedal for 50+ miles a day.  So I eventually gave up on the weight room, and started focusing on general fitness and flexibility. During my last couple of years in Bellingham, I was introduced to Circular Strength Training, which is a great holistic fitness program that improves strength, endurance, and mobility, using pretty creative and even primal human movements, such as crawling and swinging klub-bells. These types of movements easily translate into work as a firefighter, especially in the way they produce a significant stress response. While I realize that most of my clients won’t be working in physically dangerous situations, everyone experiences stress in some manner. Whether your stress comes from work, family, or even traffic, we all physically react in biologically predetermined ways, and if you don’t learn how to perform fundamental movements safely and properly during times of stress, you are more likely to suffer from injury or disease. In a nutshell, the quality of a person’s movements, and any resulting gains in health/fitness, are totally impaired when they’re under stress. So I like doing things that may seem ordinary or even easy, while all sorts of obstacles are thrown my way. 




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Bard College
National Academy Sports Medicine    CPT
National Academy Sports Medicine - Customized Integrated Injury Prevention Program
World Kettlebell Club Coach Certified
Blackbelt Tae Kwon Do  


what compelled you to pursue a career in personal training?

Initially I had dreams of working in multimedia design after graduating from undergrad school. I logged in long hours at a corporate design job, hunched over a computer with very little human interaction. It hit me quickly...this was neither the job nor lifestyle I craved especially since fitness had always been an integral part of my life and identity. I decided to make a career change, and worked as a trainer at a corporate gym. My parents – who are on the extremely conservative side and wanted me to work behind a desk for any established company– didn’t know about my career change for a long time.

How has fitness played a role in your life?

When I was growing up, sports like basketball, tennis, soccer, and tae kwon do had a huge impact on me.  As one of the only Asian American kids in the neighborhood, I was able to use sports to forge relationships and make friends. I also learned a lot about discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. To this day, they are still things I value in my personal life and work life.

Why did you choose to start j+k, and how did you get started?

Working at a corporate gym helped me understand what I wanted j+k to be, it was going to be the antithesis of that. I didn’t want people to feel like they were being herded into the same workout regimen because at the end of the day, people aren’t the same.  Their bodies aren’t the same. I wanted to offer training in a private and inspiring space that gave identities and bodies back to our clients. 

I also envisioned j+k offering a judgment-free environment, so that people could feel comfortable and confident working out. 


Both demand savvy problem-solving skills, the ability to find creative solutions, and an endless supply of passion. For an experienced designer it’s not just about making things look beautiful. He/she needs to assess clients’ tastes, preferences, and overall vision before producing results.  The same goes for fitness training to a certain degree…you listen to a client and what his/her goals may be. You consider their background and with all this information come up with a solution you’ll execute over the course of time.

In terms of your own workouts what are you doing these days?

Ironically enough I work with a mixed martial artist trainer to fine tune and learn the naunces of striking with both my hands, knees, elbows, legs and proper footwork.    It's been the most cathartic experience punching and kicking a pad.  I'm a firm believer in mixing things up so my body is always guessing. Sometimes a trainer needs a trainer....