1) Physical & Lifestyle Assessment

By opening a line of communication between trainer and client, we can generate the most effective workout program for the individual client. The trainer poses a series of questions to the client in an attempt to better understand his/her lifestyle, injuries, fitness goals, level of commitment, and past training experience. Initial measurements and assessments will be used to determine any imbalances, muscle movement patterns, proprioception, and muscular endurance under certain conditions.

2) Developing Course of Action

Based on results from the client’s assessment, a j+k fitness expert will design a personalized hybrid workout program that incorporates aerobic and anaerobic training, muscle conditioning, and strength training. Moving through low to high intensity exercises, each training session is intended to be progressive.  This gives the body ample time to respond to new stimuli, acquire new muscle memory, build endurance, and prevent any serious injuries down the road. 

3) Accountability

Our trainers advocate for clients even after workout sessions are done for the day. In addition to developing your workouts and pushing you past perceived limits, we’ll motivate you to achieve your fitness goals whether it’s body fat loss or strength building. We also make ourselves available to answer any questions you might have about diet, nutrition, and your fitness progress.

4) Collaborative Training

Our approach to fitness is collaborative in two ways. First, each trainer works closely with clients to develop fully customized workouts. Second, our clients will have the opportunity to rotate through different trainers at j+k, keeping workouts fresh, challenging, stimulating, and inspiring.  Since each trainer possesses a unique skill set (rehab training from an injury, sports-specific training, boxing, power lifting, functional training, or some combination), clients can experience the benefits of a diversified workout program.